90 Day Complimentary Trial of our Compensation Services

Let us prove we are worth engaging as your personal injury lawyers!

We are so confident in our  ABILITY TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR CLAIM  and obtain you maximum compensation at minimum cost,  that we are prepared to provide you with a 90 day free trial of our legal services to establish our professionalism and competence.

This offer is only valid if you specifically request us to include this term as a written condition in our cost agreement. If you are not totally satisfied with the services provided during the 90 day complimentary/free trial you are entitled to take your file at no cost at any time within the 90 day period upon providing five days written notice.

Our Unique Service Guarantee

We are so confident of the value we provide our clients that we are prepared to reduce our lawyer fees if you are dissatisfied (We are prepared to share a problem with you immediately).

Our firm’s written cost agreement states that we’re the only firm in Australia willing to reduce our fees in the event that the client is dissatisfied because we’re willing to share a problem with a client and also we’re so confident in our abilities as compensation lawyers to achieve a great result for you.

What we have found is that clients rarely ever ask for a reduction because our firm’s fee structure is reasonable and we structure the settlement to reflect the size and benefit of the settlement for the client. So we reduce our fees to reflects this and satisfy our clients probably without them even knowing it.

We tailor our fees to reflect the size of the settlement. We’re not allowed by law to charge a percentage of any result. We can only charge at an agreed hourly rate. We would never charge more than the agreed hourly rate as occurs with so many other firms.

We provide service on a No Win No Fee basis

For our legal cost, other costs become clients liability.

Your first consultation is provided free

At the first consultation we will discuss with you in a professional friendly manner the details of your situation and advise you if and how you should proceed.

Contact Gerard Malouf & Partners Canberra for compassionate service & experienced legal advice on 1800 004 878.


You Deserve Maximum Justice