ACT driver charged in crash near Crookwell

Published 29 May 2020

Drivers in Canberra and the ACT should always be alert, even at times when the roads seem clear. In any town or city, large or small, there is a risk of road accidents. Focusing on the incidents in a specific location can demonstrate the ongoing risk posed by dangerous driving. A driver from the ACT has been charged with causing a fatal crash in the New South Wales town of Binda, one of a series of accidents that have struck that area.

Charges brought in Goluburn Local Court

According to RiotACT, a 28-year-old from the ACT has been charged with negligent driving in a December 2019 accident that killed one. The woman charged with causing the crash was driving a sedan and collided with a sport utility vehicle towing a trailer. The sedan was attempting to overtake the SUV and cut in front of it, according to the charges handed down by prosecutors. The driver of the SUV, a 64-year-old man, only suffered minor injuries, but his 62-year-old female passenger died.

The RiotACT report noted that paramedics arrived on the scene but were unable to save the passenger. Both vehicles rolled over after veering off the road in the impact. Following a police investigation, the charges were brought and the trial will commence on 5 August in Goluburn Local Court.

Other incidents have impacted Crookwell area

The area where the crash took place was the site of several other traffic issues in 2019, according to the Crookwell Gazette. Police launched an initiative called Operation Stay Alert in June of last year to catch dangerous driving in progress. The officers caught a man driving 20 km over the speed limit in Binda, at the same location where a fatal accident had recently taken place.

In addition to the four-car crash that killed a 91-year-old man from Binda, the area also saw a fatal two-vehicle collision in Berry. Furthermore, a young driver was caught going 165 km/h in Sutton Forest, leading to a six-month licence suspension.

Filing a car accident damages claim

In accidents caused by negligence, injured parties can file for damages. If you or a loved one has suffered harm in such a crash, you should reach out to experienced lawyers with a background in motor vehicle accident cases to ensure your claim stands the best possible chance of getting you what you are owed. Even individuals partially at fault may be able to claim damages if they have been hurt. Reach out to the experts at Gerard Malouf & Partners to book a free appointment and learn more.