Athlete involved in car crash despite quarantine rules

Published 03 Apr 2020

A star athlete of the Aston Villa football club is reported to have been involved in a strange car accident despite being ordered to quarantine due to COVID-19 fears. According to 7News, the man crashed his Range Rover vehicle into two parked cars. Police reported that the driver had left his information with someone nearby before departing on foot.

Football star posts on social media about the importance of staying inside just a day before crash
The incident occurred only a day after the athlete – Aston Villa's captain – was seen posting to his social media channels about the importance of staying inside during the pandemic. He stressed how this is "urgent," stating that people must stay home to "save lives."

These fears come amid the COVID-19 global outbreak, as people across the world are quarantining and practising social distancing. Celebrities and athletes have been taking to social media to profess the great need for everyone to stay indoors to avoid spreading or catching the virus.

Man was leaving his house to visit a friend, despite COVID-19 fears
Yahoo Finance reported that the football star admitted leaving his house to go visit a friend, despite making a public statement the day before about how important it is to stay inside. The football club said that he will be fined, and assured that the proceeds from said financial penalty would go to a charity benefiting those affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Who can submit a claim?
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