Coronavirus resulting in fewer car accidents across Australia

Published 24 Apr 2020

The global outbreak of the novel coronavirus has temporarily changed the way of life for billions of people around the world, and with many stuck at home, they're not driving nearly as much as they used to. The result for Australians? A notable decline in the number of traffic accidents.

Care providers already report that they've seen the number of calls for ambulances drop by as much as 25 per cent in the weeks since stay-at-home orders were issued across Australia, according to ABC News. The effect this has on paramedics is that, especially in areas with lower populations, work has become increasingly manageable.

What's going on?

While accidents in the home have increased, experts in some parts of the country say they've seen calls for traffic accidents drop by half, largely because people aren't commuting or going about their lives in the normal way, the report said. By and large, people seem to be adjusting to the isolation efforts and don't do much outside the home.

"When that happens, there's less traffic on the roads so less motor vehicle accidents," St John Ambulance NT duty manager Craig Garraway told ABC. "People aren't out doing the things they normally do, which obviously tend to lead to people being injured."

Positives for all involved

In addition to ambulances having less to do with car accidents, that's the case for hospital emergency departments as well, according to the New Daily. With incidences of road accidents that require treatment down sharply, that gives doctors and nurses more time to attend to people who are injured in the home or become ill (especially via communicable diseases like the flu or gastrointestinal bugs).

These changes in conditions have been a net positive for all involved, but health care experts also worry people aren't seeking care they need due to worries about coronavirus, so they're quick to note hospitals remain safe for anyone to get care if they need it.

While they're a little less common than they used to be, car crashes still happen all across the country. If you or someone you know is injured in such an accident, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Get in touch with the legal experts at Gerard Malouf & Partners today to review your case with a free consultation, and to see if you are eligible for our No Win No Fee program.