Expired vehicle registration leads to payout

Published 04 Apr 2020

If you've ever wondered why it's important to have your vehicle's registration up to date, learn from this woman's lesson: Her 2015 crash led to a $40,000 payout for her injured passengers, which she recently found out that she might have to pay back to the Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB) due to the fact that her car registration expired the day before the crash and had not been updated, according to The Advocate.

Registration was renewed just hours after the accident occurred

The legal battle comes with the defendant claiming that her registration was renewed within 24 hours of its expiration, but she did not do so until after the accident (on the night it occurred). Although the board has not yet ordered the woman to pay the $40,000 back, they have every right to do so, The Advocate reported.

After the one-car accident occurred, the four passengers that were in the defendant's car on the day of the crash were awarded close to $40,000 in benefits due to personal injuries that they had suffered. Because the vehicle was not registered at the time of the incident, the MAIB decided to go through the Supreme Court to challenge the case, but have not yet acted on any requirements of the woman to pay it back.

Who can submit a claim?

In the case that you are involved in a car accident and know that you have an active registration and were following all other laws, you could be entitled to compensation.

A common misconception surrounding car accidents is that only the people injured in a car crash can be covered. However, compensation can extend to many others involved, including passengers, cyclists, pedestrians and others who might have been affected by the accident.

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