Is Canberra among Australia’s crash hot spots

Published 24 Jan 2019

Author: Nassir Bechara

Awareness of motor accident hot spots across Australia can help drivers be more cautious in these crash-prone areas.

Research from Budget Direct shows that 34 per cent of fatal car accidents in Australia happen in the major cities. So where does Canberra fit in?

AAMI’s list of crash hotspots

Insurance provider AAMI released data in late 2018 that revealed the crash hot spots around the nation. At the top of the list was a street in Melbourne, Plenty Road. This road has multiple lanes of traffic and is apparently used by commuters heading into the city.

AAMI said they aimed to address road safety by providing the hot spot list, so that drivers would take greater care when travelling on these roads.

Behind Melbourne’s Plenty Road was Hume Highway in Sydney, Gympie Road in Brisbane, and Albany Highway in Perth.

Canberra made the list next, specifically its Monaro Highway. Locations in Adelaide and Hobart ended the group.

All of these locations have a few things in common, such as:

  • High volumes of entering and exiting vehicles.
  • Multiple intersections.
  • Lots of stopping and starting.
  • Shifting driving conditions.

A spokesperson for the insurance company said that when these conditions combine, it “creates plenty of opportunities for small misjudgments and lapses in concentration which can lead to serious collisions.”

What causes crashes?

Motor crashes can be caused by a number of factors including lack of concentration, sleepiness, substance abuse, lack of visibility, distracting passengers or car malfunctions. Budget Direct said that 30 per cent of crashes across the nation happened because of a car running off the road.

However, in today’s world of high mobile usage, smart phones have become one of the biggest causes. AAMI research showed that 35 per cent of drivers admitted that they text while they’re stopped at traffic lights, and a similar number of respondents said they also talk on the phone while driving.

Especially in these crash hot spots, those behind the wheel should be sure to not use their phones and to focus on navigating through busy traffic instead.

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