Is drink driving on the rise in NSW?

Published 24 Jul 2020

The idea of people getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink is hardly novel, but a spate of cases in New South Wales in recent weeks seems to be enough to renew concerns among law enforcement. As such, they are once again issuing warnings that – even after months of COVID-19 lockdown – drivers need to be careful on Australia's roads.

A spate of such incidents recently noted near Cowra led police to issue warnings for drivers and potential offenders alike, according to the Cowra Guardian. In July alone, a 63-year-old man, 59-year-old woman and two younger men were all arrested and charged in separate drink-driving incidents in the area. In a number of these cases, initial testing showed high-range PCA readings.

The local response

While only so much can be done to dissuade people from drink driving, officials are hoping that a local crackdown can lead to positive results – and keep the region's highways and byways safe, the report said.

"We are disappointed to see drivers making poor choices that put everyone on the road at risk," Kelly Wixx, acting region traffic tactician inspector, told the newspaper. "Our message is simple – don't drink and drive, we are out in force and will continue to target drink driving offences throughout the region and you will be caught."

A representative incident

One recent incident in Sydney shows just how dangerous drink driving can be, according to The Australian. A 65-year-old man driving a Subaru Forester crashed into an unoccupied vehicle parked along the side of the road and, upon arrest, tested for a PCA reading of 0.207 – approximately four times the legal limit.

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