July seen as high time for animal collisions on NSW roads

Published 03 Jul 2020

July is finally here and with it comes the need for motorists across Australia to be more mindful of the risks they may face on the road. At this time of year, those risks don't just come from changing weather conditions and other drivers, but also from wild animals.

Native animal crashes are most common in July and August, and experts believe 2020 might be a particularly big year for such accidents, according to the New Daily. The reason for that is simple: This is a time of year when many Australians like to travel, and with any international travel off the table, more drivers may be hitting the road to discover new parts of the country or visit their favourite spots.

NSW drivers at particular risk

In New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, in particular, the risk of such accidents is high. In NSW alone, there are typically about 11,000 crashes involving wild animals per year, and more often than not – roughly 90 per cent of cases – those involve kangaroos. Last year, July and August each featured more than 1,100. That far surpassed the roughly 100 seen in the ACT and Queensland over the same period.

Liability issues

Of course, it's not just wild animals that could be involved in accidents, and if you hit a domesticated creature with your vehicle, liability issues may be at play, according to Law Access. When there is a crash involving an animal someone likely owns, you are obligated to report it either to the owner or the local police. However, an owner may be considered the negligent one in the event of some accidents, depending upon the conditions that led to them. You will typically also be obligated to do what you can to ease an injured animal's pain.

In any event, now is certainly the time to be more cautious as you traverse Australia's surface roads and highways.

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