Man involved in crushing woman between two cars may be free from jail soon

Published 26 Jun 2020

Living to tell the story of being involved in a not-so-accidental car crash – as the victim – is overwhelming enough. Now, 54-year-old Ruth Limn has to live with the fact that the man who tried to crush her with his own vehicle may be eligible for parole in 2023.

The accident

In 2016, John Nichols and Limn and their families were having a dispute that started around 4 p.m., 9News reported. Limn recalls going to the front yard to retrieve her daughter's birthday cake, then suddenly being rammed between Nichols' 4WD and another vehicle.

"All I remember is going out the front, getting my daughter's cake, going behind the back of the car, getting squashed, pinned to the ground," she explained to the news station.

Following the incident, Limn suffered serious leg and pelvic injuries. She had to undergo surgery on her legs and was said to be in a serious condition, but her health was stable. Today, the grandmother-of-eight, walks with a cane.

The future

While Limn has lived with the pain and trauma of the violent situation, there was some justification when Nichols was charged with grievous bodily harm with intent and drive while disqualified, as reported by the Daily Telegraph in 2016, when the dispute took place.

Today, however, Limn is feeling differently, as she found out that the man who crushed her between two cars may be free from jail within the next three years.

"I will be scared," Limn told 9News."I'll be looking over my shoulder."

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