Sentence handed down in fatal truck crash

Published 29 May 2020

An ACT Supreme Court case centred on a truck accident in Canberra has reached its conclusion. The fatal accident took place in 2018, and led to the death of four-year-old Blake Corney. A truck struck the car Corney's family was riding in. It became a matter for the Supreme Court when trying to determine the truck driver's degree of responsibility for the crash.

Driver found culpable

ABC News reported that the truck accident occurred when driver Akis Livas suffered the affects of a sleep apnea while behind the wheel. At the time of the incident, Livas stated that he had blacked out and did not explain the cause. However, due to the later discovery that he had been referred for sleep apnea tests twice but not acted, prosecutors stated that he was liable for causing the crash. The decision to drive a truck despite the sleep-apnea risk was declared negligent, and the Supreme Court now concurs.

The defence in the case argued that Livas's responsibility for the crash was lessened by the fact that he may not have understood the risks associated with being referred for the tests. The sentence for the accident was set at three years and three months in jail, with two years and three months of that time being without eligibility for parole. Livas will also receive a driving ban, and to have it lifted, he must prove he can drive safely after his release.

RiotACT reported at the time of the accident that six people were injured in addition to the boy who died. Three vehicles were involved in the crash in addition the the truck. None of the other injuries associated with the accident were critical. The crash was devastating for the local community in 2018. According to RiotACT, families in the area raised over $9,000 to fund memorial expenses and take the financial burden off of the parents during the aftermath of the crash.

Bringing a case related to a vehicle accident injury

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