Income Protection Insurance TPD Claims

Are you unable to work due to an injury or illness for more than 6 months? Do your doctors say that you are unable to return work?

If you are, you may be entitled to lump sum and monthly insurance payments for Insurance even if you didn’t suffer an accident at work, in a public place or involved in a traffic accident.

Gerard Malouf & Partners understands that when you are unable to work because of illness the financial and emotional burden and pressure can be almost unbearable. The situation can be compounded should the illness or injury not be the result of a Work Injury or Motor Accident where there might some compensation.  At Gerard Malouf & Partners we may be able to assist you.

Many Superannuation Funds hold insurance policies for you in cases of disability and illness as part of your membership with them. These policies provide lump sum and monthly payments should you become unable to work as a result of injury or illness and be as much $500,000.00 or more.

These Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and Income Protection (IP) policies can be claimed even if your injuries did not arise from negligence or accident.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners, we are able to assist you to pursue your benefit under superannuation, or a TPD policy as purchased by you personally. Our firm has acted successfully in many TPD and IP matters and have taken many such matters to the Supreme Court in NSW and the ACT. Let us assist you to explore your claim.

Our firm has vast experience in fighting the insurance companies and we will apply those expertise in maximising your contractual entitlements.

Visit our Superannuation Lawyers website for full information on TPD Claims including case studies on this service area.

Many firms with Personal Injury experience provide representation that does not take into account the significant contractual aspects of these claims. At Gerard Malouf & Partners our Solicitors have the experience to address successfully the medical and complicated contractual issues associated with TPD and IP claims.

There is a strict time limit on making a claim on an insurance policy and it is very important to obtain legal advice as soon as possible as to your entitlement.

Gerard Malouf & Partners understands that you do not have a war chest of money for expensive litigation and thus commits to a “No Win No Fee” policy for our fees and expenses in proceeding your income protection insurance TPD Claim.

For a 90 Day Free Trial of our No Win No Fee TPD CLaims Lawyers in Canberra contact us on 1800 004 878.