Slip & Fall Public Liability Injury Compensation

Have you sustained an injury as the result of a slip or fall accident in a public place such as a footpath, car park, shopping centre, supermarket, bar or rental property in Canberra or the ACT?

A Public Liability Claim (normally referred to as a Slip & Fall claim) is a claim for compensation for injury suffered anywhere except at the home you own, although it can apply to the home you own if the injury was caused by faulty workmanship. It also includes injury suffered as a result of faulty products. At times road and work injuries are public liability claims.

What Do I Do If I Am Injured?

(a) Report the injury to the person or institution involved. Best to do it in writing and keep a copy.

(b) When you first see your doctor or the hospital, make sure they write in their records how and where your injury happened.

(c) See a solicitor as soon as you are able.

What Does It Cost To See A Compensation Lawyer?

In the vast majority of cases, we will not charge you anything to have our team of experts advise you on the merits of your claim. If we proceed with your claim, we will only charge you if you are successful. If you lose, you may have to pay the legal fees of the personal institution you have sued which is why we thoroughly investigate each claim before we start court action. The first consultation with our firm is free of charge to you.

How Long Does It Take to make a compensation claim?

On average, up to two months to investigate your claim properly and then nine months until a court result. We do however settle a large number of our client’s claims before you go to court.

You will have to see one or two of our doctors and usually two doctors chosen by the personal institution you are suing. On average, we would require three professional consultations with you and if you are unable to come to our office, we will visit you at your home by prior arrangement.

What Compensation Am I Entitled To for a slip & fall accident?

This depends on the nature and severity of your injury. Generally you are entitled to the following:

(a) Lump sum compensation for “pain and suffering” on a sliding scale of up to a maximum of $350,000.00.

(b) Your past and future medical and other “incidental” expenses in a lump sum.

(c) Past and future loss of wages and superannuation in a lump sum.

(d) If applicable, past and future care and home help paid in a lump sum.

(e) Other special needs paid in a lump sum eg: home modification, wheelchair, special eating utensils, vehicle modifications etc…

What Information Should I Take To My Compensation Lawyer?

(a) Any letters between yourself and the person or institution involved.

(b) Close up and background photographs of where you hurt yourself and what you believed may have caused the injury.

(c) Your Medicare card.

(d) Copies of x-ray reports, if you have them.

(e) Contact details of witnesses, if you have them.

(f) The address of where your injury occurred.

Points to Note.

(a) If you have an accident on a road and the cause was the nature of the road eg loose gravel, no proper sign posting etc…, you may have a public liability claim.

(b) If you are hurt whilst working and it is not your employer’s fault; or your fault where you work for yourself, you may have a public liability claim.

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