Workers Injury Compensation Claims

Have you sustained an injury as the result of a work accident in Canberra or the ACT?

Any employee injured whilst in the course of their employment, performing usual duties, including accidents which occur off the premises or during the course of a journey to and from work, maybe entitled to make a worker compensation accident injury claim. This includes employees who are employed on a permanent or casual basis.

What can I make a claim for in relation to my work injury?

There are a number of things you can make a claim for but the main claims are for medical expenses for treatment, wages and lump sum compensation for your work injury.

How do I make a work injury compensation claim?

If you are injured you should notify your employer of the accident and ask that the accident be recorded in the employer’s register of injuries. A medical certificate in the appropriate form should then be obtained from your treating doctor. Your employer should then provide you with a Worker Compensation Claim Form to be completed in part by you and the employer. The employer should then forward the claim form to the Workers Compensation Insurer. A claim number should in due course be provided to you. Medical expenses and/wages may be paid to you.

What if the employer or insurer refuses to make payments for medical expenses and wages?

We are able to assist in any dispute with your employer and insurer.

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