Three-car accident in Sydney leaves one woman dead

Published 03 Jul 2020


When operating a vehicle, it’s always important to be a defensive driver. Road accidents are an unfortunate and common occurrence across Australia, so being vigilant is a must. A recent accident in Sydney highlights some of the dangers of the highways.

Three-vehicle accident in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Gazette reported on a road accident involving three vehicles in the afternoon of Friday, 26 June. At around 4 p.m., emergency services responded to an accident on the Great Western Highway located in Blackheath. The town is known for being near the highest point of the Blue Mountains and for having steep, narrow roadways.

When emergency crews arrived at the scene, they reported that a Kia 4WD and Toyota Camry collided head-on. A woman in her 60s, who was driving the Camry, died at the scene. On further investigation, the police also discovered that the Camry had struck another vehicle before colliding head-on with the Kia.

The driver of the vehicle first hit by the Camry was taken to the local hospital for testing, though reportedly was not injured from the crash. However, the two individuals in the Kia, a man and woman, were taken to the hospital and the extent of their injuries is unknown.

Highway shutdown causes traffic jam

Due to the severity of the crash, the highway was closed for about three hours, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Additionally, both CareFlight and Toll Ambulance helicopters arrived at the scene to help the victims of the crash, making it absolutely necessary for roadways to be completely blocked off to traffic.

By 6:30 p.m., over two hours after the crash was first reported, traffic was backed up for 7 kilometres westbound and 3 kilometres eastbound with limited options for drivers stuck in these queues to turn around. Even when the highway reopened to allow westbound motorists to pass, traffic continued to move slowly due to the severity of the back up. Meanwhile, officials urged other motorists to avoid the area altogether and seek alternative routes to reach their destination.

As the exact cause of the collision remains unclear, both news sources are encouraging witnesses at the scene to contact Crime Stoppers with any information they may have.

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