Woman sentenced in hit-and-run car crash

Published 31 Mar 2020

A 27-year-old woman killed a 25-year-old man while driving recklessly and under the influence of drugs. She was recently sentenced to a minimum of five years and seven months in prison, as she pleaded guilty to charges of death by dangerous driving and leaving an accident scene, according to ABC News.

The woman was speeding through Salisbury South, driving at about 180 kilometres per hour when she collided with the man's truck, where he was working as a Woolworth's delivery driver at the time. The woman was found to be on drugs when the incident occurred, as well as disqualified from driving and operating a stolen vehicle.

Woman fled the scene and was chased by a police helicopter

Police had reportedly seen the stolen car about 10 minutes before the fatal crash occurred. They chased the woman, who sped off in a dangerous fashion, causing the police pursuit to come to a halt. When she hit the delivery truck, she sent it flying into a tree before speeding off and fleeing the scene. She did not stop at all, and police sent a helicopter to chase her. She was then arrested, and authorities found an imitation handgun in her bag.

History of reckless driving

ABC News also reported that this is not the woman's first offence of this kind. In 2010, she was imprisoned for a "car-surfing" accident, in which she recklessly killed one of her close friends. Following her stint in prison, she was indefinitely barred from driving until a court specifically granted her permission to go behind the wheel again.

The man who killed in the hit-and-run was an accounting student. His mother told ABC News that she is not ready to forgive the woman, as she took away her son from the world.

A family friend stated, "She is crying every day now because he was calling her every day telling her how his day had been and what he had been doing and now she is not going to get any calls from him."

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