Young Canberra father receives over $475,000 following motor vehicle accident

Published 01 Mar 2017

On 18 September 2014 our client was the driver of a vehicle which was involved in a car accident in Canberra, ACT. Our client received a burst fracture to his lumbar spine, injuries to his neck and shoulder. Our client also incurred psychological injuries in the months following the accident.

Following the accident our client spent 8 weeks in hospital and upon his release was in a spine brace for another 12 weeks. 5 months later our client was able to return to work on restricted duties of 2 days per week. This gradually built up over the next 2 months and by the beginning of April 2015 he was able to work full time again. Luckily for our client this time off work was covered by the workers compensation insurers.

At the time of the accident our client worked as a salesman for a hot water wholesaler. Needless to say his job required him to undertake occasional bending and lifting of heavy water heaters to demonstrate how they worked.

Following his return to work our client found that he was the only sales person left employed by his business as a result his work load increased. While he was able to cope with the work throughout the day he found that would return home and be unable to do anything but lie on the couch and recover.

Our Firm ensured that our client was seen in our Canberra offices and completed all the relevant claim forms to ensure his rights where protected.

Reg Kolokossian of Gerard Malouf and Partners obtained medical evidence which showed the extent of his injuries and using this he was able to assert that our client would be unable to work until the normal retirement age.

These medical reports were also able to uncover a certain amount of sexual dysfunction which our client was experiencing. Given that our client was in the middle of starting a family this was causing significant problems. Given this fact and the significant discomfort our client was receiving from his lower back injury, Reg was able to negotiate a significant amount of money for his pain and suffering.

Once all the evidence had been acquired Reg prepared an initial offer to the CTP insurer which claimed compensation for the past and future medical treatment expenses, money for the household care our client was receiving, his loss of income and the pain and suffering which he had received.

A settlement conference was quickly organised with the insurer and ultimately this matter settled before any more time and money was wasted by going through the ACT court system. Our client received over $475,000.00 which he was happy to use to look after his young family.

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